GeeCon 2014

I’ve spent the last three days on GeeCon 2014. I must say I become demanding when I go to conference, so my opinion is becoming more critical.

Basically the conference was good. There was small problems with WiFi, venue wasn’t in the city center (imagine 1000 peoples ordering taxi or getting to the local bus), but generally it was ok. Most of the talks were good. There is one thing, that I am really happy about. I made a lot of new connections. This is the aspect that push me to the next edition of GeeCON :)

I really enjoyed the afterparty at ‚Stara Zajezdnia’. This place is a local brewery, so we drunk very good beer. Also we had opportunity to take a tour with experienced brewer, so I also learned new things about brewery. Thus GeeCoin game, I also meet new people ;p

There was not any feedback system, so this is my feedback. Lets make an talk about hobbies or very light topics which will take 30 minutes after the dinner. I would like to listen about how take care of you health when working all days with computer, how to make a beer, something about motorization or photography. I need a longer break after the diner with soft topic.

I’ve selected talks, that I think was good and which I would recommend for my friends (excluding keynotes):

  • All Sam Newman talks about microservices. Just must watch or read a book.
  • Josh Long talk about Spring, because live demo was exploding with energy.
  • Tom Bujok with ’33 things you want to do better’, but only the first part. Second part was to obvious for java developer with some experience.
  • Kevlin Henney with ‚Seven Ineffective Coding Habits of Many Java Programmers’ for great preparation of content.

Thats it. See you next year.