Sam Newman - Building Microservices

Two days after the ending of GeeCON, I’ve managed to read „Building Microservices” by Sam Newman Book. It is in Early Release stage, so half of the chapters were missing.

The first chapter about concept of microservices is very good. It determines the direction of thinking. It relates to SOA, OSGI, and many know to me aspects and problems. If you do not know what microservices are, read only this chappter.

The rest completed chapters were good. I had a feeling that those chapters were written not only for architects, but for developers in the first place. There were funny sentences like „Big Scary CRM”. I was also enjoyed because there were many real life system described.

To summarize. I am looking forward for the finished book, to read it again. Also I would like to try to implements some solutions in microservices way :)

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