About Me

My name is Michał Lewandowski. I am a software developer, a tech event organizer, a blogger and a speaker. I am also particularly interested in how people and teams work together. My hometown is Warsaw, the capital city of Poland.

Software Development

Quality, clean code and maintainable software are of primary importance in my work. Reading a well-crafted code makes me happy and satisfied. I’ve done various projects. I’ve done projects since the very beginning (since the first line of the code). I’ve maintained legacy code as well as code written by myself. This was amazing experience. I believe that each and every project can be done well.

People and teams

I am convinced that the team is a key to a successful project. I’ve decided to spend some time on studying how does the team work and how to communicate effectively within it. My goal is to promote good values in every team. I always keep in mind, that a single expert can go fast with completing the functionality or the project, but if we want to go further, we have to form a team.

Tech Events

I dovoted several months to prepare for such conferences like Warsjawa 2013 Warsjawa 2014 2014 and Codepot 2015. Besides, I also participated in WJUG organization and some smaller events like Hackwaw Disrupt, Devoxx4Kids or TestKata. Organizing events is an invaluable experience since it provides the opportunity to deal with multiple different tasks at once or negotiating on something, often for the first time.


I perceive blogging as a great tool for sharing my professional experience. It requires revision as well as organization of my knowledge. When I compose a blog post and share it with the world, I’ve a feeling that I do something important that can speedup somebody’s work.


Being a speaker is definitely an exciting thing. Preparation of a good speech takes many hours or even days. It is a final test for me when I can honestly say that I know the topic thoroughly.