Devoxx4Kids Poland 2014

We did it. We did the first Devoxx4Kids Poland. For the last half year we worked very hard to prepare and organise this event. 

Devoxx4Kids 2014. Team, kids, parents.

I would like to introduce co-organisers of this conference, Tomek Kucharski, Dariusz Kaczyński, Ewa Waliczek. Big thanks to them. I would like to thank Konrad Hoszowski and Eliza Kruczkowska for help. Also this event could not be possible without school and computer administrators from schools. Thank you! Big thanks have to go to Robomaniacs and Robocamp for preparing workshops. And of course this event could not be possible without our sponsors

We also receive help from 20 volunteers and two professional photographers. Thank you!

We did eight parallel tracks for kids from 6 to 14 years old. They were four age groups. Each group have different T-shirt colour.  There was a huge variety of topics. There were workshops related to hardware, software and mixed. We used Lego, Arduino and also games like minecraft. Visit for more informations.

Do you want to organise this kind of event in your city? Email me, I

would like to help you to start this kind of event in your city. Do you want to help in next year edition and join steering committee ? Email me.