Functional Programming in Java

Harnessing the Power of Java 8 Lambda Expressions

Venkat Subramaniam

My new year commitment was, that I read one book each month. I don’t predicted an unexpected events that may me slow down :( I do not give up. Next book review will be in 16’th of April.

About the book. I’ve read a beta 6 edition from 13 of January, but I think that final version is very similar to the this beta version. It is not the book about Java 8. It is a book about Lambda Expressions in JDK8. The title says that. In JDK8 there are for example changes in GC. I was missing at least one chapter or few pages about it. 

It was book easy to understand. I have Groovy and Scala experience, so there was nothing new to me. All the time I was mapping Java code to Scala code :). It was good for me. 

Next good thing is that it reads like a group of blog posts. We have some examples of imperative style, then we move to declarative or functional style. Size of chapters was appropriate for me to read before sleep. 

I didn’t like code examples (not in book, but downloadable code). Code examples was without tests and assertions. Just run and print output. I like BDD tests, and it will be great to read examples that are combined with BDD tests. 

I would recommend this book to a friend, because it is focused on good developer practices. 

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